Another Stone to Carry


Author: Seraphina Nova

ISBN: 9780989403290
Pages: 250
Description: In the small Midwestern town of Bear River, soft-spoken, shy, Kassandra Hayes lives a very sheltered life governed by the church and her goal to become a missionary. Things drastically change when she is sexually assaulted and her life begins spinning out of control. To numb the pain she runs away and finds herself homeless in Chicago. For years, she embraces a life of exotic dancing, drugs, and sexual bartering until an unexpected encounter with an old friend lands her back home where she is brought back to the fold. Her congregation embraces their prodigal daughter, and she acts and dresses the part, but her story is just beginning. Torn between desire and conventional morality, she goes on another journey of self-discovery and finds love in the most unexpected place, shocking the town and herself.
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