Essays on political economy


Author: Frédéric Bastiat

ISBN: 9781425520267
Pages: 240
Description: Frederic Bastiat is an economic genius. His work is timeless because he excoriates a government that steals from one group to give to another under the rubric of welfare, or helping the downtrodden. By definition it is stealing from one group to enrich another. The government, be it 19th century France, or 21st century America (strange how he praises mid 1800’s America except for slavery because of their economic freedoms, which we’ve since given up) will laud the „impulse“ they have exerted on the economy only reporting those „jobs“ they have created, not acknowledging the utility that would have been gained elsewhere in the economy had they not taken it from the taxpayer. Not to mention the value that is syphoned off by the work necessary to levy and collect the taxes which is paid for but does not increase overall productivity in the country. Therefore although there is benefit seen from the money redirected by government, there is nothing said of the benefit foregone because of the money taken from the taxpayer, nor nothing spoken of the inefficiencies in that transfer and the money and time wasted in collecting and redistributing the money, which all hurts overall productivity in the country and more importantly erodes our freedoms.

Please understand that this does not mean there are not roles for the government, but the redistribution of monies under the false guise of spurring the economy is a lie, and should be regarded as such. While I’m sure it’s well-intentioned, the fact remains that it is done to curry political favor and done like in the case of the 19th century socialists, because politicians don’t trust the public and will not leave them to their own devices. They believe they know better than the public, and that without their intervention, we would ruin ourselves.

It’s good to know that many members of both parties (but especially the party in power in the highest office in the land, has done little to update his understanding of the economy since the mid 1800’s.
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