The Lost Scrolls


Author: Alex Archer

ISBN: 9780373621248
Pages: 352
Description: Ancient papyrus scrolls recovered
among the charred ruins of the
Library of Alexandria reveal
astonishing texts that detail the
wonders of Atlantis—knowledge that
could shatter the blueprint of world
energy. Archaeologist Annja Creed
confronts shadow figures determined
to preserve empires built on power,
greed and global manipulation, finding
unlikely allies in a mysterious American
with connections in high places, and a
young linguistics prodigy with attitude.
Dodging a petroleum conglomerate
and their pet killers on a high-speed chase that leads from Egypt
to the North Sea oil fields to the
urban battlegrounds of China, Annja
becomes an unwilling conspirator in a
bid for power to control the beating
heart of the world’s energy.
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